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USN Face of Fitness

Launch your career in the fitness industry.

Time to get into photo shoot-ready shape! Catapult your career into the fitness industry by entering the 2016 USN Face of Fitness cover model search competition.

Join an elite group of ladies who have already used the competition as a springboard to high profile and successful careers as fitness models and health professionals.

The winner will once again grace the cover of Fitness magazine’s Jan/Feb issue and will become a USN brand ambassador for a year, along with receiving R100,000 in cash and prizes.

The 2016 USN Face of Fitness in partnership with Trifocus Fitness Academy. 

USN Face of Fitness

R 100,000 in prizes to be won!

The biggest prize sponsorship to date, along with winning the cover for Fitness Magazine, the winner will receive

1) A USN Sponsorship. Valued at R 70 000

  • R20,000 Cash
  • R20,000 Product Sponsorship
  • R30,000 All expenses paid USN experience.

* Conditions and performance targets apply. Prize management directly with USN

2) Personal training certification through Trifocus Fitness Academy, valued at R 25 000

  • Trifocus Fitness Academy – leaders in fitness education – is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Face of Fitness 2016! The winner of this year’s competition will receive our locally and internationally accredited Personal Training Certification*, which is valued at R25 000. Each of the five runners-up will receive an online course** valued at R7 500.

     *  In place of our Personal Training Certification, the winner can choose online courses to the value of R25 000.

  • The runners-up are also able to choose online courses to the value of R7 500.

3) Additional prizes, valued at R 5 000

  • R5 000 worth of beauty and clothing vouchers.

Entries open on 1 September – 30 September 2016.

What you need to enter:

Online entries will open on the 1st of September. You will be required to complete your entry form online and upload images through our entry portal. For a complete entry, we need a head shot, physique and full-length photos (no competition stage photos). Have more questions, then read this.

Read more about the competition rules here.

Making a name for yourself in any industry is no easy task, which in part is why Fitness Mag partnered with leading sports nutrition brand USN a few years ago to launch the Face of Fitness cover search.

magcoverNot only is this a competition to find our next cover model and a new brand ambassador for USN, it has become a launchpad for aspiring fitness models to grow their profiles in the industry.

To find out exactly what title sponsor USN is looking for an an ambassador we caught up with Byron Kennedy, the Ambassador, Endorsement and Training Co-ordinator at USN

What is USN looking for in the winning physique?

We look for a healthy, fit and athletic figure which is still feminine, and maintainable throughout the year. Not too muscular and extreme. Fitness magazine is marketed to women who want to improve their health, fitness lifestyles and physiques, therefore the cover model’s appearance needs to be aspirational and appealing to this market.

Apart from having a marketable look, what other qualities are USN looking for in a winner?

She has to be humble, goal-driven, approachable, dedicated to their fitness lifestyle, willing to inspire and assist others in their fitness journey. She has to be excited and proud to promote the USN brand, as it carries responsibilities.

What is expected of brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador should embody the values of USN – they should be driven, committed to excellence, health-conscious and goal-driven. The ambassador’s lifestyle should portray these values through appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

A brand ambassador is generally the first point of contact for people to the brand and as such their passion for the brand should be evident. They should always speak positively about health and fitness as well as our brand, and be looking to further the brand’s reputation in everything that they do. Social media posts should be regular, but still real and linked to their lifestyle so as not to seem forced.

In short, an ambassador needs to live the brand. They need to feel as if they are an integral member of the team and promote it as such.

How does a sponsorship work?

It is important to understand that a sponsorship is not a donation or a free for all. A sponsorship is an agreement made between a company and an individual that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

USN will support individuals with a monthly product allowance as well as expert nutritional advice in order to help the athlete achieve their personal goals whether it be performance or physique based.

The commercial gain obtained by USN will be in the form of public exposure for the brand and it is thus important that the athlete understands that their public persona will be representing the brand at all times through everything that they do.

A tiered system is employed by USN in order to provide value according to the value and impact of the exposure offered by the sponsored athlete. USN will then also help promote the athlete’s career through their own media platforms, giving the athlete a much broader reach.

Is there a future for me with USN after / outside of this competition?

Yes, there are numerous Face of Fitness athletes, both winners and non-winners who have gone on to become long standing national brand ambassadors for USN. Laura Danielz, Anna Wood, Angie Snyman, and Jenadine Havenga are just a few of the names that were not winners of the competition but have gone on to become national ambassadors for USN and also massive influencers in the fitness industry.

Who are good USN ambassador examples and why?

Laura Danielz, Anna Wood, Angie Snyman, and Jenadine are four great ambassadors who have gone through the same process. They all started with the Face of Fitness cover search competition and although none of them won, they are now considered to be some of our best ambassadors and fitness industry influencers. Lara Bester, last year’s winner is also a fantastic USN ambassador, without being a competitive stage athlete.

The reason for their success is that their passion for the brand is reflected in everything they do. Their social media posts are not generic, but linked to their lifestyle and real life situations making their relationship to the brand and to the public very real. They are also always eager to get involved and help wherever they can with brand activations, and will go out of their way to promote USN even when it is not expected. This is what makes a great brand ambassador and someone that will become a long standing member of #TeamUSN.

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