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Lucy Cartwright’s 40kg Weightloss Journey – #StrongWomen

Lucy Cartwright’s doctor told her that she is borderline diabetic, and this sparked her incredible weightloss journey. We have featured Lucy’s story in our Fatloss Magazine before, but we caught up with her to find out how she’s doing, and who inspires her to be strong. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. I am a children’s photographer and ...

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Chew On This: Your Thoughts, Behaviours Get You To A Healthier Body Weight

Chew on this

Food. Water. Sleep. Breathing. Movement. Our most basic needs. That hasn’t changed since the first people wandered the plains. By Candice Smith, Head of Vitality’s Nutrition Strategy What has significantly changed, though, is the world around us. We quench thirst with sugar-laden drinks while sitting at desks in modern skyscrapers, before snaking through traffic in fast cars, all of which ...

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From Bullied and Bulimic to Fit, Healthy and Happy – Geraldine van Vuuren

Geraldine van Vuuren endured many challenges and dark times because of her weight. She was bullied during her school years, which caused her self-esteem and confidence to plummet. It got so bad, that she started to starve herself, which ultimately led to bulimia. Today, Geraldine is fit, healthy, happy, confident and stronger than ever before. Here is her story: Tell us more ...

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#WW The ‘Tighten It Up’ Circuit

tighen it up workout

Are you in need of a new circuit to boost your motivation? Those New Year resolutions are long forgotten, and some of us may even feel that we’ve regressed instead of progressed. But don’t fret! Our bodies develop at their own pace. The secret is to not give up! So get a new workout, change your gym, or find a ...

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#StrongWomen Candice Whitehead: Be Your Own Success Story!

candice whitehead

From overweight mom to competitor and show promotor, Candice Whitehead personifies the word 'go-getter'. In between her busy schedule we caught up with Candice to find out about her never-say-die attitude.

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7 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Cutting down on the calories shouldn’t mean skipping meals, but it can be a struggle to cut down calories during the day.

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10 training myths – BUSTED!

We bust the 10 most common training myths

In the world of fitness and weight training, myths and misconceptions abounds, especially with regard to weight training and women.

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Factors That Affect Your Daily Weight

Factors that influence your weight

In our efforts to lose weight many of us are eager to ensure that our weight keeps moving in the right direction with regular weigh ins.

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BCAA: The Fat Loss Rockstar!

BCAAs for fatloss

BCAAs – or branched chain amino acids – are right there, on your dinner plate. They’re present in your steak or your roast chicken, and they’re also on the shelves of your local health store. They’re tucked away, usually in the muscle building section. But we believe they should be front-and-centre of the fat loss section instead. Here’s why. 1. ...

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Six Supplements You Shouldn’t Go Without

6 supplements

Intelligent and appropriate supplementation, if used with consistency, could greatly aid in achieving your fat-loss goals and help keep you healthy.

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