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The Small Wins New Year’s Resolution List

New Year’s Resolutions usually represent a wild over-reach and as a result, they’re abandoned, often before they’re even started! According to Ceri Hannan, National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active South Africa, 2018’s about to get a whole lot simpler. Just get real and set yourself some easily attainable goals for the year ahead, to build momentum on your journey ...

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Get Beach-Ready Glutes [VIDEO]

This time of year we cannot wait to get into a pair of shorts and into that tiny bikini, or can we? Do you feel like your glutes could be a little plumper? Or maybe you feel like you have a little more cellulite than what you’re comfortable with? Exercising your glutes will not only make them look and feel ...

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Bodyweight Training to Improve your Fitness


The value of bodyweight exercise – using your own body as resistance instead of machines or equipment – is often underestimated. But Virgin Active’s National Product Development Manager, Ceri Hannan, says that bodyweight exercise has stood the test of time as an effective stand-alone workout or as an integral part of health club classes. Ceri highlights the key benefits of working ...

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6 Reasons to Train for Strength

By Samantha Clayton, Senior Director, Sports Performance & Fitness for Herbalife Working on muscular strength and endurance can help you to achieve many goals related to health, fitness and weight loss. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain your current body composition, strength training can help you achieve your goals, while also improving the way you feel. ...

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EMS Group Training: A Dangerous Development With High Consumer Risk


Group training is becoming increasingly popular as a fitness programme. In groups of varying size and under supervision of a single instructor, the athletes approach their limits or the given training goal. Many activities are now offered in this manner today. The most popular courses are aerobic, aquaFit, yoga, Pilates or cycling, but more intensive training programs like Bodypump or ...

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Strength Training Benefits for Women

ems strength training

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training was introduced to South Africa in 2011 with the launch of Bodytec®, the original EMS studio in Cape Town, which now boasts 30 studios across the country. The training method sees users wear body suits attached to electrodes that send electric impulses through the body during a workout which activates up to 90% of your ...

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Africa’s Strongest Woman, Brendali Theron – #StrongWomen


From teaching yoga to breaking records (like pulling a plane) – Africa Strongwoman Brendali Theron is the very definition of a strong woman – physically and mentally! Tell us more about yourself and your journey so far. I am 26 years old and from Johannesburg. I am a full-time graphic designer, and after hours I instruct yoga and suspension yoga ...

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#StrongWomen Monique Lopes

Monique Lopes is no stranger in the fitness industry – she is bubbly, inspirational and loves  motivating and educating women about health, fitness and nutrition. We caught up with Monique to find out who motivates her to be strong. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. I’m an individual that loves life and I don’t hold back on showing the ...

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Mariaan van Zyl, SA Strongwomen Champion – #StrongWomen

Mariaan van Zyl has always been tough; a bit stronger physically than most women, and this is what enabled her to follow her passion and pursue a career as a real strong woman. In fact, Mariaan is the current South African under 75kg strong woman champion! We catch up with her to find out what motivates her. Tell us more ...

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#StrongWomen Sarina Frauenstein

From Radio Presenter to devoted strongman’s wife and ballerina, we caught up with Sarina Frauenstein to find out who motivates her to be strong. Who inspires you to be strong? My husband, Samuel Frauenstein (@Samuel_Frauenstein), inspires me to be strong. He is a professional strongman and his short career has been filled with injuries. He has had three operations over ...

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