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How can I Manage ADHD with Exercise if I’m not Naturally Active?

Exercise does not mean hitting the treadmill or forcing yourself to jog around the track. It can be more fun and fulfilling than that. Research suggests exercise helps with the management of ADHD symptoms. But if you’re not naturally active, it can be tough to exercise regularly – and enjoy it. Exercising can improve focus and help reduce symptoms of ADHD, as ...

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Is ADHD Causing Your Low Self-Esteem?


Your desk’s a mess, you missed your son’s soccer match, you’ve forgotten everything on your to-do list – or you don’t have one. Being forgetful, distracted and feeling like you can’t manage all of life’s many responsibilities can knock your self-esteem, but did you ever stop to think it might be ADHD? About four million women in the world have ...

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