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Sculpt your Mid-Section with our Core Workout [VIDEO]

The core and abs are words that are used interchangeably. These are slightly different though as the core includes some back and upper quad muscles as well. Picture this as the larger part of your trunk. It has been proven that the greatest ab or core workouts include these 3 muscle groups and that’s exactly what this workout includes. A ...

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5 Tips to Get “Abs of Envy”

5 Tips to Get "Abs of Envy"

A flat, toned tummy is super sexy and implies its owner is super fit. It’s no wonder all of us want one. But so few of us get it right… We asked Roland Mensikovas a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), superstar personal trainer, rehabilitation specialist and educator, for his top tips to get the abs everyone wants. 1. Lean ...

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