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Superdry Sport Launches first Stand Alone Store in Cape Town

British lifestyle brand Superdry has announced the opening of the world’s first Superdry Sports store in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa.

This cutting-edge store is set in the sports mile of the popular mall providing customers with a range of original and on-trend athleisure pieces. The Superdry Sports collection has been available in Superdry stores in 46 countries since 2005 with Superdry taking this collection to the next level and opening the first standalone store in 2017.

The 100 square metre store boasts an open plan setting with a fully open shop front, offering customers the opportunity to browse what is on offer at first glance. Flooded with fluorescent lighting the ultra-modern interior features custom made stands which are accentuated with neon backing lights both on the exterior and interior. Design lab pieces create a stand out sneaker section, dedicated to a nation with an evergrowing fondness of practical yet fashion-lead footwear.

James Holder and Julian Dunkerton, founders of the Superdry phenomenon, have left their own personal touch on the store with one of a kind sportswear pieces uniquely created for the South African market. Superdry’s new sports collection is designed for customers who strive to smash their fitness goals and those who have adopted the athleisure trend to their everyday style. Featuring high-performance fabrics meld together with the season’s coolest shades offering simplicity and comfort that can’t be replicated.

The impeccable attention to detail on each and every garment is something to be admired, making this sports collection a must-have. Already proven popular in the celebrity world, Superdry’s sports collection is in a league of its own.

Stay cool, comfortable and on top of your game with Superdry Sport.

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