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Skipping intervals

Why should you skip?

Well, for starters it burns more calories than does walking. It also conditions your entire body, which is one of the reasons why boxers love it. You can also take your skipping rope with you everywhere you go!

I also reckon it’s a lot more fun than the treadmill, wouldn’t you agree?

There are so many health and fitness benefits to jumping rope, including the prevention of potential injuries as it strengthens bone, muscle and connective tissue, and it’s great for your heart and lungs because it’s extremely effectively at boosting fitness levels, fast!
With so much to gain, let’s get to the workout, before I get too carried away!

What you need: A skipping rope and a timer. That’s all!

How to do it:

  • 30 seconds of skipping + 10 reps of squats (do 15 to make it tougher)
  • Repeat for 10 rounds
  • Allow yourself 10 seconds of rest between rounds, or every second round if you want to boost the intensity
  • You’re guaranteed a wonderful glow when this workout is done. Enjoy!

By Isilda Da Costa

Author: Gareth


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