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Shake Up Your Wake Up With Kasha

Family-run food producer, The Fry Family Food Co. has launched SA’s first plant-based, gluten-free breakfast cereal, Kasha. Fry’s Kasha is a tasty, versatile protein-packed breakfast cereal, instant shake or snacking option – available in two flavours: Cacao, and Vanilla with Chia Seed.

Made using a unique blend of healthy ingredients such as moringa, cinnamon and chia seeds, Kasha will boost your metabolism, improve digestion, and load you with antioxidants that your body will retain long after consumed. Packed with a protein punch of 8.2g per serving, Kasha is the perfect way to supercharge a smoothie and keep you full for longer to compliment an active lifestyle.

Tammy Fry, international marketing director for The Fry Family Food Co., says: “As the free-from category steadily grows thanks to healthy conscious flexi-tarians and as a company passionate about all things natural, it made sense for us to tap into this trend with the launch of Kasha – a high protein, gluten-free breakfast option and instant smoothie.”

Kasha is an instant, healthy option and simply needs to be mixed with hot or cold water, or the dairy-free milk of your choice. A perfect meal on its own, Kasha can also be topped with berries, or other fruit, nuts and seeds. Kasha is also great as a smoothie – perfect for those who like to eat on the go, or want a quick after-workout meal.

Kasha is sold in major retailers including Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n’ Pay, Spar, Dis-Chem, at the recommended price of R54,99. To find out more about Kasha and Fry’s, visit www.fryfamilyfood.com or on social media @frysfamilySA on Twitter, @frysfamily on Instagram and TheFryFamilyFoodCo on Facebook.



Author: Pedro van Gaalen


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