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Put Your Legs to the Test

If you are feeling like your workouts have been slacking lately, then you need this mix-up!

Mixing plyometric moves with your basic leg workout can create the shift you have been looking for. Your muscles eccentrically contract and immediately lengthen with this powerful movement and this facilitates weight loss as well as defines your muscles further. With power (the explosive move), there is a natural muscular strength gain as well. These workouts don’t need to last hours either as they require a lot of energy.

You will need a step and a kettlebell for this workout.

Bulgarian split squats with Bulgarian split jumps

On a step, place yourself as though you would be performing a lunge and attempt to go as deep as possible. One leg at a time, perform 10 reps and switch. Once done, in the same position, perform jumps. Use a weight for the first half but preferably not for the second as a load in a jumping position can be dangerous.

Step ups with jumping step ups

Pick a step that has a height higher than your knees if possible. One leg at a time, climb onto the step and lower yourself back down. Once complete, perform jumps of the same movement. Small jumps but still effective. Please be wary of weight usage on the jumps as it may be dangerous to load on weight in a jumping position. Perform 10 reps per side and exercise.

Hip Thrusts

With your back resting on a step, thrust your hips forward while squeezing your glutes. Perform 20 reps of this exercise.

Goblet squat in to deadlifts with jumping squats

With your kettlebell in front of you, squat down comfortably and once returned to full standing position, move onto performing a deadlift. This is a two-part movement, once all 10 reps have been performed, go straight into jumping squats (with no weight).

Repeat this sequence for 4 rounds over and your shorts will thank you!

By Isilda da Costa (@izzy.fitness.pt)



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