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Mentally Prepare For Race Day

Mental performance coach, Tom Dawson-Squibb, shares his views on the importance of mental strength as well as some tips on how to mentally prepare for a big race.

Most people would agree that being able to get the best out of yourself requires your mind to help you out during training and on the day of the big race. Unmanaged or imbalanced emotions run the risk of impairing your ability to go and execute what you have trained for. This makes a race that might have seemed manageable become a nightmare as the mind tends to play tricks on you. Tips for preparing mentally for a race so that you can have a clear mind.

Do scenario planning

Identify things that may happen during the race that may throw you off course and plan for them. Visualise the situation happening, what feelings it might bring up and then decide on an optimal course of action from there. It is easier to make decisions outside of the heat of the moment.

Break activity into chunks

People often work more effectively when they break up larger goals into little chunks. Some runners have been known to count their steps for example to ensure that they stay in the present. The smaller your targets are along the way, the easier it is for you to remain present and uncluttered.

AAA – Acknowledge, Accept, Advance

Dealing with either pain, doubt or overconfidence is important in getting you through to the end. Athletes should try to remain positive, but not lie to themselves about what they are experiencing. Acknowledge means identifying what you are feeling and being mindful of that emotion. Accept means trying not to fight what you are experiencing, but rather, to accept what you are feeling and using your energy to get to the finish line as opposed to fighting your feelings. To Advance means making an immediate action goal that helps you gain momentum.

It’s key to keep it simple and to remember weakness is not about experiencing any weakness at all, but rather not having the courage to acknowledge and accept it.

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