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Mediterranean Diet Best But Choose Purest Omega 3 – Health Expert

A Mediterranean diet rich in omega 3 fats, fruits and vegetables combined with moderate exercise is the healthiest way to lose weight, new research shows.

A study, published in the US journal, Circulation, found that the Mediterranean diet – which is rich in omega 3 fats found in oily fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and some vegetables — combined with moderate exercise led to greater weight loss around the liver, abdomen and heart, compared to low-fat diets.

Powerful omegas

Omega 3 fats are also vital for overall good health but are often not ingested in sufficient quantities, contributing to inflammatory conditions such as obesity, diabetes and chronic disease. And, many omega supplements have been found to be rancid. Over 80% of those tested in South Africa exceeded the recommended levels of harmful lipid peroxides which contribute to cell damage, oxidative stress and disease.

Harvard University researchers ranked omega 3 deficiency as the sixth biggest killer in the US and more deadly than excess trans-fat intake. Most people polled in in an American survey didn’t know low levels may be harmful.

Supplement for health

Health and wellness expert Vanessa Ascencao says omega 3 fish oil supplements should be produced from a sustainable source of the highest quality, wild-caught certified fish oils such as those from Alaska. They should also be free from GMO, hormones and antibiotics which are sometimes found in modern fish farming.

Research shows that marine sources like cold-water, wild Alaskan fish and their oils are the only significant sources of DHA and EPA due to their diet of plankton and smaller omega 3-rich fish not found in farmed fish environments. Wild Alaskan fish are also uncontaminated by toxins like mercury and PCB, are GMO-free and accumulate high levels of fat in their tissues for warmth which is the source of the omega 3 oil.

Ascencao recommends supplementing with Purest Omega 3, which is produced sustainably from wild-caught Alaskan fish. “We need a reliable source of omega 3 to help maintain a healthy, optimal omega 3-to-6 balance. Given the poor diets many people follow, I believe high-quality supplementation is essential.”

Purest Omega 3 is available nationally at leading health stores, pharmacies and Dis-Chem.

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