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The Ladder Drill Workout

Crank up your gym-based cardio with the speed agility ladder. 

While it is mainly used to condition athletes, the inclusion of this training tool can put a fresh spin on a stale cardio routine and, who knows, it may even unlock your inner elite athlete!

Workout Guidelines:

  • Perform ladder drills at the beginning of your workout when you are fresh.
  • Focus on the quality of your movements, executing the moves with perfect form.
  • Land on the balls of your feet
  • Pump your arms and hands.
  • Keep your head, neck, shoulders and hands as relaxed as possible.
  • Keep your head up and as still as possible. Keep your gaze up. 

Try out the workout below and show us your ladder drill moves on social media! Tag #stayingfitwithFitness and @fitnessmagsa on Instagram. 


Author: Content Manager


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