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How To Remain Disciplined During Training

Insights from Mental Performance Coach, Tom Dawson-Squibb

Powerade’s ‘Power to Beat Your Best’ aims to provide athletes with the tools to achieve a personal best time and will be working with a number of South Africa’s foremost running, cycling and training experts to challenge athletes to beat their best in 2017.

Former Sharks, Stormers and Ajax Cape Town Mental Performance Coach, Tom Dawson-Squibb, provides critical tips on how to remain disciplined during training to ensure you are at your disciplined finest to produce your best!

1. Define it

Discipline for one might be different to discipline for another. Like any target, it is important to define it so you have a finite line in your sight. If you leave this too ambiguous you may find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day – baby steps

You are unlikely to go from a couch slob to an Olympic athlete in a day, so rather try to improve your self-discipline in incremental steps. Take time to reflect on the little gains you have made, from the chocolate you avoided, to the run you went for rather than watching TV. You will gain momentum and become more disciplined far easier in this way than if you try and go from 0-100 in one day.

3. Reward yourself for small wins

The more we celebrate, the more we celebrate. Take time to reward yourself and use the positive energy from gains and progress you are making, however small it may be in the greater scheme of things

4. Attach meaning to the outcome of discipline

There will be sacrifices you have to make to become disciplined, and becoming ‘disciplined’ per se is not that enticing for many people. It is rather what being disciplined will lead to (the end target). It is important to attach meaning to the work you are putting in and the sacrifices you are making so as to keep momentum through the tough times

If you can take pleasure through the process of training and see value in progress and growth rather than just the end goal itself you are far more likely to become disciplined. Remember, any change brings discomfort and sacrifice, be prepared for that and see the tough times as growth opportunities.

For more information on ‘Power to Beat Your Best’, visit www.powerade.co.za, the official hydration partner of the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Town Cycle Tour.


Author: Pedro van Gaalen


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