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EMS Training Helps Correct Muscular Imbalance

There are few things more likely to interfere with normal muscle activity than an injury that leaves one with an arm or a leg immobilised by a cast for several weeks.

Not only will the affected limb feel noticeably weaker once the cast is finally removed, but depending on the duration of inactivity, there are also likely to be visible signs of atrophy. In practice, although to a lesser degree, a similar effect can sometimes occur simply due to uneven use, perhaps as the result of favouring a particular muscle group to avoid the discomfort caused by some persistent, though minor injury.

Speed up rehab

Although a course of physiotherapy is fairly certain to resolve such problems, not everyone is keen to persist with the exercises involved, which can often prove a little too strenuous, or cause them discomfort. Furthermore, rehabilitation is often quite a protracted process when relying on this conventional approach. By contrast, an alternative option, first used for this purpose in the ‘70s and known as electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS training, provides a much faster means for correcting muscular imbalance. In addition to speeding up the rehabilitation process, it also offers another important advantage in that it is easy on the joints and ligaments.

Used by pros

Since this technology was first introduced, the equipment involved has undergone numerous improvements. This, in turn, has seen it successfully applied for purposes other than rehabilitation. Used by many of the world’s professional athletes, as well as the general public, it has proved to be effective for developing greater strength, as a means to build the extra bulk required by bodybuilders, or to develop a lean and more defined appearance, as well as for weight loss and cellulite reduction. In all cases, it is the speed with which visible results can be achieved, and the fact that it is suitable for anyone, regardless of age or fitness, that is attracting more and more people away from conventional resistance training in favour of this innovative alternative.

This innovative fitness technology is available at Body20 studios through personalised programmes based upon age, fitness levels, and your desired goal. Whether you choose Body20 EMS training for correcting a muscular imbalance or some other goal, you can be assured that it will be easy on your joints and ligaments.


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