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Discover X Training at Planet Fitness

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to their fitness regimen is repeating the same routine week after week. In fact, your body knows movements, not muscles.

So, to continue to increase strength and fitness and reap the benefits of regular exercise, you need to keep your body guessing by varying your workouts, and mixing functional and cross training methods does exactly that.

Functional and cross training programs are by no means new, but the programme’s effectiveness keeps it popular. In fact, functional training gives you the type of strength that really matters as it improves your coordination, balance, force, power, and endurance, while helping to enhance your ability to perform normal daily activities.

Along these lines, the Planet Fitness X Training programmes offers 30-minute circuit stationed workouts that includes compound exercises around the functional structure, mixing cardio and strength training to get the benefits from both aspects of training. The programme consists of many variables, such as timed intervals, target repetitions, and rounds for time with varied tempos and rest periods. It’s based on strength, functional, plyometric and cardio exercises that incorporates the entire body.

Benefits of X Training include:

Strength training:

Increased muscle strength and tone, decreased body fat, weight loss, improved mobility and balance, improved posture, lowered risk of injury, increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis, and enhanced performance in sports or everyday tasks.

Functional training:

Improved general strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility needed to help you thrive in your everyday life activity and sports.

Plyometric training:

Increased power and explosiveness, increased fitness, speed and improved agility, increased joint protection and increased performance and athletic ability, decreased body fat, weight loss, increased strength.

Cardio training:

Strong functioning and healthy heart, stronger cardiovascular system, including capillary density to deliver more oxygen to cells in your muscle, decreased body fat, weight loss, increased bone density, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced stress levels, over all fitness gains.



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