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Courtney Drops 36kg and Becomes a Fatloss Cover Model

fatloss transformation

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” Courtney Ann Grove had no idea how unhealthy she had become until the results of a scheduled medical check-up laid bare a few shocking results.

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It’s No Turning Back For Lucy Cartwright

Lucy Cartwright

Last year, Lucy Cartwright first told us about her remarkable body transformation. Because fitness is a journey and not a pit stop, we decided to catch up with the 36-year-old to find out how far she has come since her initial chat with fitness magazine.

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Mom of Twins Gets Her Body Back!

Sonia Matos - Mom of twins gets her body back!

Having always been an active person, Sonia was very mindful of not using her pregnancy as an excuse to gain unnecessary weight. Unfortunately it wasn't the pregnancy itself that posed the greatest challenge, but rather the period immediately following the birth of her two boys.

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FATLOSS Cover Girl – Theresa


Finding the balance between creating a better body and a healthy lifestyle While growing up in Canada Theresa Jenn Lopetrone always wanted to be fit, but she wasn’t sure how to achieve her goal. “I didn’t grow up as an athletic child, teenager, or even young adult, but I knew I wanted to be an athlete. I remember reading my ...

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Sophia’s 44kg Fat Loss Transformation

Sophia Strydom

As someone who constantly struggled to control her weight Sophia Strydom had tried numerous diets throughout her adolescent and early adult years. “Occasionally they worked but I always seemed to put the weight back on, each time adding a little bit extra.”

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