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Mom of Twins Gets Her Body Back!

Sonia Matos - Mom of twins gets her body back!

Having always been an active person, Sonia was very mindful of not using her pregnancy as an excuse to gain unnecessary weight. Unfortunately it wasn't the pregnancy itself that posed the greatest challenge, but rather the period immediately following the birth of her two boys.

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FATLOSS Cover Girl – Theresa


Finding the balance between creating a better body and a healthy lifestyle While growing up in Canada Theresa Jenn Lopetrone always wanted to be fit, but she wasn’t sure how to achieve her goal. “I didn’t grow up as an athletic child, teenager, or even young adult, but I knew I wanted to be an athlete. I remember reading my ...

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Sophia’s 44kg Fat Loss Transformation

Sophia Strydom

As someone who constantly struggled to control her weight Sophia Strydom had tried numerous diets throughout her adolescent and early adult years. “Occasionally they worked but I always seemed to put the weight back on, each time adding a little bit extra.”

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Jacqui – Mom of 4 drops 25kg

jacqui gomes mom of 4

Jacqui Gomes “Rediscovering myself for a life of fulfillment and happiness.” After her four pregnancies added 25kg to her weight, Jacqui Gomes tried every quick-fix diet in the book in the hopes of regaining her body. “I would lose some of the weight, but would then pile it straight back on again, and then some. I was also dealing with a ...

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Candice – a mother’s battle with fat

How one mother’s battle with fat became a fight for survival Stats Age: 33 Occupation: Owner of a safety and security business Marital status: Married with three boys (13 years, 4 years and 22 months old) Lives: Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg Weight before: 128kg with a BMI of 45.7 Body fat before: 54% (2014) Weight after: 70kg with a current BMI ...

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Chelsea – How I reshaped my body

How this Durbanite ‘RiShaped’ her body and life with a popular 8-week transformation challenge Stats Age: 24 Occupation: Admin Manager at Need-A-Tool Lives: New Germany, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Weight before: 79.4kg Body fat before: 34% Weight after: 54.4kg Body fat after: 23% Instagram: @chelseajessicacampbell Visit the RiShape Facebook page for more info. Durban’s Chelsea Campbell says the biggest hurdle during the ...

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