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Home workout blitz

Home workouts can be just as good as a gym workout, even if you don't have any equipment.

Home workouts can be just as good as a gym workout, even if you don't have any equipment.

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Learn to love leg day!

These specific moves have created the great change to my body composition, particularly to my lower body.

Maybe it's just me, but leg day always makes me feel stronger and puts me on top of the world!

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Outdoor plyometric workout

Weekly Workout – Outdoor plyometric workout

The holiday season has come to an end, which generally means your local gym is about to get a lot busier If, like everybody else, you’re keen to burn off some of the unwanted excess but aren’t willing to suffer amidst the January gym rush, why not take your exercise outside? Exercising outdoors has been proven to promote greater feelings ...

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Design It Yourself Workout

DIY workout

Blast calories and strengthen your entire body with this high-intensity workout! Stuck for workout ideas? Try this high-intensity programme developed to offer you a variety of workout choices. With over 24 moves to choose from, you can create an endless number of circuit-style routines to keep your training fun and effective. Develop your own high-intensity workout programme to fit in with your goals ...

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#WW Glute Resistance Band Workout

Resistance band workout

Did you know that the glutes are extremely important when it comes to maintaining good posture, as well as the acts of sitting and standing, and the prevention of injuries to your knees, back and hamstrings? That’s because your glutes are the primary muscles needed to rotate, extend and abduct your hips, which illustrates just how important they are to ...

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The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

romanian deadlift

The single leg Romanian deadlift is a great advanced exercise that not only develops your lower back and hamstrings, but also strengthens your core muscles and improves balance.

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#WW. Treadmill Workout

Did you ever think you’d read the words ‘treadmill’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence? Well, neither did I. That is until the day I tried this treadmill circuit to deal with the boredom and monotony of conventional treadmill workouts. The added bonus to this change in approach is that you’ll burn more calories – up to double the amount ...

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Weekly Workout: Abs With a Difference

weekly workout abs

Ever had a day at the gym where everything is too sore to train? What about focusing on just abs for a session? What you’ll need: Cable machine, barbell for rollouts, Roman chair, stability ball and a mat It is so important to train your abs from every angle, with different styles thrown in. Give your abs the necessary stimulus ...

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Weekly Workout: Barbell Workout

Barbell Workout

During full-body workouts, a great deal of stored glycogen is metabolised for energy which fires up the metabolism as the body works to restore what was used.

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Weekly Workout: Sandbag Fun


To help keep things interesting in the gym, try this sandbag workout – it won’t take up too much of your time! The best thing about this workout is that you only need one piece of equipment which means you can even do it in a small room at home. I promise that you’ll soon be sweating up a storm.  ...

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