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Just Two Sugary Drinks A Week Is Hazardous

Research shows that just two sugar-sweetened beverages a week may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, while drinking one a day may raise blood pressure. A Stellenbosch University review of 36 studies found that the consumption of sweetened drinks is steadily rising worldwide, impacting directly on metabolic syndrome — a cluster of risk factors which contribute to heart disease ...

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The Secret to Getting Lean – Get Strong First

strength development

One of the mostly popularly undervalued and frequently overlooked values of exercise, especially by the female population seeking to get lean, is strength development. By Lil Bianchi, strength and conditioning coach and founder of OTG Athletic Strength is the legendary precious mirror of the realm of weight loss, health and fitness. As is often the case, I come across women ...

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Reasons to Consider EMS Training Over Conventional Exercise

By Bertus Albertse, Managing Director, Body20 EMS Studio Before making comparisons, it’s important to understand what is involved in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It is a modern adaptation of the electrical impulse effect the body creates to initiate a muscle contraction, which was first discovered by Luigi Galvani in 1761. The resulting contraction is no different from that produced during ...

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5 Reasons to Give Barre 180 a Try

If you’re looking for a way to tone up, feel lighter on your feet and build muscle without bulking up, then it’s time to hit the barre.

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10 training myths – BUSTED!

We bust the 10 most common training myths

In the world of fitness and weight training, myths and misconceptions abounds, especially with regard to weight training and women.

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Tips for Injury Free Training 

Here is a list of some important safety tips that should be followed by all gym goers. These tips can help prevent injury and help speed up progress by burning off stubborn body fat. Check it up! Have a medical or physical check up with your doctor before you begin a new workout routine, especially if you have been living ...

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What’s Best? HIIT or Steady State Cardio

What's Best? HIIT or Steady State Cardio

Make the right choice – HIIT and/or LSD There has always been a lot of debate over the efficacy of short duration, HIIT sessions versus long, slow duration/distance (LSD), lower intensity, steady state cardio for fat and weight loss and improved fitness. High-intensity sessions over short durations will take your heart rate through a wider range of heart rate zones, ...

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Training Over 40: The Value of Rest

Training over 40 - the value of rest

Training to build muscle mass can be really hard work! And depending on your goals, you may find your training needs to be quite intense. So the question is, how much rest is recommended? Let’s talk about rest intervals. The general rule is to rest for about 60 seconds between sets, with 90–120 seconds of rest taken between sets when ...

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