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Consistency is Key


It doesn’t take walls lined with prestigious degrees, or fine expertise to discover that consistency is an essential ingredient in successfully changing your lifestyle and overall health. Evidently, it takes considerable effort to build a consistent routine of regular exercise and healthy eating, but as with anything worthwhile, it’s not an easy ride. Most days start off with a surge in ...

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Discover X Training at Planet Fitness

x training

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to their fitness regimen is repeating the same routine week after week. In fact, your body knows movements, not muscles. So, to continue to increase strength and fitness and reap the benefits of regular exercise, you need to keep your body guessing by varying your workouts, and mixing functional ...

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5 Winter Warmer Workouts

winter workouts

If there’s ever a time when commitment to exercise is tested it’s on those winter days when it’s dark, cold and all too tempting to stay in bed. However, winter also tends to make our bodies go into hibernation mode, meaning we need exercise to fight off sluggishness and extra body fat. Virgin Active’s National Product Development Manager, Ceri Hannan, ...

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EMS Training Helps Correct Muscular Imbalance


There are few things more likely to interfere with normal muscle activity than an injury that leaves one with an arm or a leg immobilised by a cast for several weeks. Not only will the affected limb feel noticeably weaker once the cast is finally removed, but depending on the duration of inactivity, there are also likely to be visible ...

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Gain Lean Muscle Faster With EMS Training


Perhaps the single biggest obstacle that prevents most people from achieving the sort of body they would really like is the sheer volume of time and effort involved. Most will have seen the fitness fanatics at work, and are well aware of the dedication needed by those who embark on a programme of traditional exercise. What’s stopping you? For the ...

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TomTom Launches New Gen Touch Cardio

tomtom touch cardio

The new TomTom Touch Cardio activity tracker features a sleek new design and 24-hour optical heart-rate monitoring TomTom has announced an exciting new addition to its industry-leading range of wearables – the TomTom Touch Cardio, an ideal entry-level fitness tracker for those looking to ramp up their fitness routine. The TomTom Touch Cardio monitors heart rate while tracking daily step ...

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Lower Body Ladder Blaster

ladder blaster

If there’s one workout that’s better at getting your legs toned and building shapely muscles, it has to be plyometrics! Sure, you could stick with jump squats and jumping lunges and still get the benefit, but this workout packs the added punch of resistance, and incorporates some glute building, too. It’s great fun! What you need: All you need is ...

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Running Shoe Buyers Guide


One of the official sponsors of the Pretoria Spar Women’s Challenge, Asics provides tips for buying a new pair of running shoes that are perfectly suited to your needs. A good pair of running shoes is essential to your training and to your performance on race day – they provide the cushioning, support and stability you need to reach the ...

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Nike Offers Free Yoga Workouts Anywhere, Any Time

Nike yoga

Sport is dynamic. To excel, you need a mix of physical and mental endurance, strength and mobility. To further help athletes maximise their potential by tapping into their bodies and minds, Nike is launching new yoga workouts this season. The do-anywhere routines are between 15 and 45 minutes long and are part of the free Nike+ Training Club app. Better ...

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How To Pack Your Gym Bag

gym bag

Having the right gear in your gym bag will ensure a productive workout session. Here are a few must-haves to make sure that your workout goes as smoothly as possible: The right clothes Go for lightweight, quick-drying and well-fitted clothing. Stay away from workout clothes that are 100% cotton fabric – although this might seem like a comfortable option, the ...

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