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SA’s Health Supplements Market Booms

supplement market

South Africa’s health supplements market has tapped into a vein of vitality that has seen unprecedented growth in recent years – largely driven by consumers’ increased interest in healthy living and a desire to reduce their risk of illness.

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Pre-workout Boost

How to put more ‘work’ into your workout You asked: I train in the afternoon or early evening, but I often get to the gym feeling tired after a long day at work. What can I do to ensure I get the most from my training session? We answer: A Pre-workout supplements are specifically formulated to give you a boost ...

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When Is It Time to Throw Out Expired Supplements?


Tempted to give your supplement cupboard a shake out, to throw away anything that has expired? Before you toss out hundreds of rands of unused products, you might want to consider these facts first.

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BCAA: The Fat Loss Rockstar!

BCAAs for fatloss

BCAAs – or branched chain amino acids – are right there, on your dinner plate. They’re present in your steak or your roast chicken, and they’re also on the shelves of your local health store. They’re tucked away, usually in the muscle building section. But we believe they should be front-and-centre of the fat loss section instead. Here’s why. 1. ...

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Why Use Meal Replacements and Protein Bars

meal replacements and protein bars

A meal replacement or a protein bar may be the smartest additions to your fitness regimen If your goal is to lose weight, get fit, and build muscle then it’s important to eat correctly. By now you should know that it’s super important to be strict about what you eat. But it’s also super important to consider when and how often ...

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What Are BCAAs Anyway?

Navigating the supplements aisle of the local health store or pharmacy can be intimidating. So many unpronounceable names and shiny labels… But there’s one supplement that you really should know more about. It’s called branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs for short. And while it’s usually placed in the muscle building section, a BCAA supplement is actually a powerful weapon ...

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Six Supplements You Shouldn’t Go Without

6 supplements

Intelligent and appropriate supplementation, if used with consistency, could greatly aid in achieving your fat-loss goals and help keep you healthy.

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