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Transformation: Judy Manzetti

Judy Manzetti

Realising that happiness can’t be found at the bottom of a bowl was the first step to weight-loss success for Judy Manzetti as she overcame the grip that emotional eating held over her.  

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USN Reader Recipe

USN reader recipe

fitness reader Elize Marie share her guilt-free rice cake replacement recipe – USN Wheytella Protein Cloud Cakes  

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WORKOUT: Buddy Up. Legs & Glute Workout

Buddy Up Glutes

Working out is more fun when you hit the weights with your bestie. So buddy up for this 3-day-a-week workout to build the best bum and legs, and have loads of fun while doing it. When it comes to training with a friend, it pays to be picky about who you buddy up with. It’s not just about who’ll make ...

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Your Nutrition

Whey flavour revolution

Whey flavour revolution A new frontier in the battle for the hearts and minds of supplement consumers has emerged with major innovations in whey flavours. We speak to the experts and profile the greatest flavour combinations currently available in the local market. Healthy hero: Cauliflower Bland and boring were often the adjectives that sprung to mind when cauliflower was on ...

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Your Health

The flu-fighting toolkit You may have missed your opportunity to get that flu shot, but don’t fret. If you’re cautious and proactive, you can still stave off a course of antibiotics this winter with these 3 helpful tips. Biohack your hormones We all know exactly what it’s like to feel at the mercy of our menstrual cycle and the subsequent ...

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Your Fitness


Fat-loss in your 20s, 30s, 40s Unfortunately, the metabolic superpowers possessed by your 20-something self don’t last forever. We show you how to boost your metabolism and keep it elevated through your prime decades to sustain life-long fat loss.   The mind’s role in recovery A life-altering event or surgery can either create stagnation in your life or it can ...

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Your Training


The real thigh master Ten out of 10 women are unhappy with their physiques., with most, if not all, morose about the current state of their legs. S&C coach Lil Bianchi tells it like it is with regard to leg training. Form first Master the single-side bird-dog for a hardcore core and glute exercise.     Celeste’s CrossFit comeback Africa’s ...

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On Cover

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin – 10,800,000 Instagram followers; 8,672,415 Facebook followers; 8,672,415 Facebook likes; 403,000 Twitter followers – these are the insane numbers that help to quantify Michelle Lewin’s global popularity and appeal. She shares her tips for success on social media, in the gym and in life.

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