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The 28 Day Total Ab Plan

The route to awesome abs starts and ends in the kitchen, but you need a few pit stops at the ‘body shop’ to sculpt and shape those muscles in your mid-section. With just 5 minutes a day for the next 4 weeks, this workout will soon have you swapping those tank tops for a sexy crop top!

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Workouts in this issue

The power of the plank Build core strength and achieve great ab conditioning to improve both your aesthetics and daily life with the Power of the Plank (see page 34 in this issue) The 28 Day Total Ab Plan Five minutes a day, five days a week is all you’ll need to sculpt a sexier mid-section with the 28 Day ...

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On cover

Callie Bundy cover profile

Callie Bundy is the quintessential all-American girl – blonde, athletic, excellent at sports – and she’s an NPC athlete and IFBB pro. She has used her sporting prowess (her ability to throw a football, to be exact) to transform herself into a viral Internet sensation. This is her story.

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Your fitness

Live Strong Why training movements and muscles will build your best, shapeliest & most athletic body. An Assault on Calories Take your cardio to the next level with The Assault Bike. Check out the multiple workouts on page 48. Is Your Mind Hampering Your Ability to Recover? It’s mind over matter in our psyching out your recovery feature on page ...

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Your nutrition

nutrition in this issue

Seasonal sensations Eating seasonally is the best approach to a healthy diet. Use the recipes on page 84. Health Benefits of High Energy Flux Eat more, and move more and more often to get the health boost associated with high energy flux. Weight Loss Wonder? Can apple cider vinegar assist with weight loss? We investigate on page 92. Post-workout Nutrition The ...

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Your health

your health

Get Positive! Better match expectations with outcomes by finding out why your mental transformation usually lags behind your physical changes. Reality Lag, page 26. Are You an Exercise Addict? While exercise is an admirable and healthy pursuit, problems arise when it becomes something else. Are you addicted to exercise? Take our test on page 54.  Sweet release Reclaim your health with our ...

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