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Almost Half of SA Women Obese – Study


South African women have the highest obesity rate (42%) in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent study. The study, by the University of Washington, USA, the most comprehensive research on global obesity to date, found that just over 30% of the world’s adult population are either obese or overweight, leading to widespread health problems and millions of premature deaths. “Globally, ...

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Fat But Fit Lowers CVD Risks


South Africa has the third highest incidence of heart disease in the world. In fact, every 10 minutes, a South African has a heart attack and a fatal heart attack occurs every 45 minutes. Andrew Heilbrunn, from the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology’s Biokinetic Centre in Johannesburg, says inactivity and low physical fitness contribute substantially to increasing rates of heart ...

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Supplements That Boost Immunity

There's nothing more frustrating than having to take time away from gym to recover from colds and flu during winter. This is how you can boost your immune system to ensure you keep working toward those goals.

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The Benefits of Biofeedback

EEG Biofeedback (also known as Neurofeedback) is extensively and successfully applied to help people, among other things, achieve calm and focus, improve mood, mental state and productivity, and even relationships. This is according to occupational therapist and Bio/Neurofeedback practitioner Megan Hofhuis, who is also affiliated to Akeso clinic Kenilworth. “Biofeedback is the process of giving you information (feedback) about what ...

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Take a Pre-Emptive Strike Against Colds and Flu

Being sick is never fun, especially when you need to look after the rest of the family as well. A pre-emptive strike against colds and flu is therefore necessary for a less stressful flu season, and getting the whole family involved is a must. “When cold and flu season is around the corner we tend to stock up on everything ...

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Give Your Immune System A Vital Boost


As healthcare becomes increasingly expensive, prevention is the way forward for many consumers. And, with winter around the corner, now is the time to make sure your body has the support it needs to combat winter ailments. The immune system involves a complex system of cells that are distributed throughout your body, explains Andrea du Plessis, nutritional expert at Vital ...

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5 Ways to Stop Winter Snacking

Whenever a craving hits it’s said you should grab a cold glass of water. Yeah – that’s not going to cut it on cold winter days. Try these tips to help you cut down on the winter snacks… #1 – Fill up on fibre Extensive research has shown that people with fibre-rich diets tend to carry less fat and have ...

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EMS Training Caters To People Of All Ages

EMS elderly training

The view that the quest for fitness is best left to the young is, sadly, one held by many of those who have passed what they perceive to be their prime.

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The Outdoors and Exercise: Better Together

Exercising outdoors has once again been proven to be better for our health, thanks to both the exercise and the healthful dose of vitamin D it promotes. Researchers from Johns Hopkins recently revealed that an analysis of survey responses and health records of more than 10,000 American adults, covering nearly 20 years, suggests a “synergistic” link between exercise and beneficial ...

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Beat the Afternoon Slump

Beat the afternoon slump

For most of us our days tend to start off well, with a morning full of energy to get through meetings and deadlines. But then, more often than not, we hit the afternoon slump! Minutes start to feel like hours, and nothing seems to be more important than going home and lying on the couch. Mokete Sekhesa brand manager for ...

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