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The Small Wins New Year’s Resolution List

New Year’s Resolutions usually represent a wild over-reach and as a result, they’re abandoned, often before they’re even started! According to Ceri Hannan, National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active South Africa, 2018’s about to get a whole lot simpler. Just get real and set yourself some easily attainable goals for the year ahead, to build momentum on your journey ...

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Debunking Fitness Trends: Fit Facts on What Works Best

Whether you’re 10-K-a-day fitness fundi or more of a novice, understanding the latest health and fitness trends can get confusing. How on earth do you know which type of workout is right for you, or whether you’re doing it right for that matter?  TomTom shares insight into some of the latest fitness trends to help you understand a little more ...

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Bootcamp for One

This is a workout that can be done at gym or at home. I love to throw together a few exercises and time myself, or count reps for 5-6 rounds. Here’s just one example of how I do just that… Don’t overthink things, just challenge yourself as best you can. Before my bootcamp ladies arrive, I love to perform a ...

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Get Fit To Survive Winter Wake Ups


Winter is most definitely here! Those icy mornings can make it difficult to wake up as leaving the warm, comfy confines of your duvet and blanket to face the chilly reality outside is far from pleasant. And if that alarm clock goes off when it’s still dark to get in that early morning sweat session, waking up can often seem ...

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4 Ways to Improve Your BMI

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a useful indicator of your health, and could even alert you and your medical practitioner to any serious illnesses or diseases before it’s too late. It’s important to keep track of your BMI on a regular basis. BMI is used to determine your ideal weight for your height, but fails to take your body’s ...

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Exercise And Your Period

You might feel lethargic and bloated during your period, with little or no desire to exercise. All you need to do it is work with your bodies processes and adapt your training to suit your cycle.

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