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Africa’s Fittest Woman, Celestie MacIntosh

Africa’s Fittest Woman, Celeste MacIntosh has made it to CrossFit Regionals five times – more than any local CrossFit athlete. She now balances her training as an elite athlete with a career as a part-time digital marketing consultant. “And I’m very excited with a new love to get my mind out of the gym and have a different focus. CrossFit ...

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#StrongWomen Cassandra Veldtman Battles Bulimia


Cassandra Veldtman’s fitness journey started the moment she discovered her own strength after being bullied for years, which lead to a low self-esteem and eventually, bulimia. Today, Cassandra inspires and motivates women and teaches them about the benefits of exercise, and the importance of balance. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. My name is Cassandra Veldtman, I am ...

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FITposium Profile – Claudia Virgil

claudia virgil

FITposium is an annual educational and inspirational seminar focused on success in the fitness modelling and entrepreneurial industry. Held in Arizona, this day-long workshop features a variety of sessions to prepare fitness talents with everything they need to know to enter the market and succeed. As this platform is out of reach for most aspiring South African models and fitness ...

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FITposium’s Third Annual Conference Turns Fitness Models into Entrepreneurs

FITposium 2017 will be held October 20-21, 2017 in Phoenix. The educational and inspirational conference is focused on success in the fitness talent and entrepreneurial industry. This two-day seminar will feature a variety of sessions to prepare fitness talents with everything they need to know to enter the marketplace including: What magazines are looking for in submissions How to develop ...

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Africa’s Strongest Woman, Brendali Theron – #StrongWomen


From teaching yoga to breaking records (like pulling a plane) – Africa Strongwoman Brendali Theron is the very definition of a strong woman – physically and mentally! Tell us more about yourself and your journey so far. I am 26 years old and from Johannesburg. I am a full-time graphic designer, and after hours I instruct yoga and suspension yoga ...

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My BodyPower Experience with USN – Shelby Neves

Part of Shelby's grand prize for winning the USN Face of Fitness cover model search competition included some international travel to represent the USN brand. Her first destination was the world's biggest health and fitness festival, the BodyPower Expo.

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We’re Hiring! Designer for Fitness Magazine Wanted

hiring a designer

We’re looking for an experienced mid / senior level designer to take the lead on our print and online media for Fitness Magazine.  If you’re a designer with a passion for fitness and want to leave your mark on the world, please get in touch and show us some of your work! We’re looking for a dynamic creative to add to ...

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Fitness is Life – Evgenia Petukhova’s #StrongWomen Story


Evgenia Pethukhova left her home country, Russia, to move to South Africa. The move, and everything that came with it, triggered a bout of depression which lasted 3 years. In time, slowly but surely, Evgenia found herself again in the one thing she’s always loved; fitness. Here is her #StrongWomen story. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. I ...

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Be Humble, Be Happy – Christina Pappas’ #StrongWomen Story

Christina Pappas 1

Christina Pappas, one of our USN Face of Fitness 2015 Top 6 Finalists, believes in balance. From fitness competitor to everyday gym girl – she shares her inspiring #StrongWomen story. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. I am a happy-go-lucky person.  I like to look for humour in everyday life. The easiest way to my heart is to ...

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Lucy Cartwright’s 40kg Weightloss Journey – #StrongWomen

Lucy Cartwright’s doctor told her that she is borderline diabetic, and this sparked her incredible weightloss journey. We have featured Lucy’s story in our Fatloss Magazine before, but we caught up with her to find out how she’s doing, and who inspires her to be strong. Tell us more about yourself and your journey. I am a children’s photographer and ...

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