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South Africa’s Elite Take up a New OCR Challenge

Warrior Race OCR

The event is the first of its kind to hit the South African world of obstacle course racing (OCR). The challenge will be to conquer the same number of obstacles as the Warrior Race, but in only 2 km.

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Ultramarathoner Gerda Steyn

Gerda Steyn is a rising star in the world of ultra-running. She grew up in the Free State and only started taking running seriously two years ago, after finishing her first Comrades Marathon. “With the help of Nedbank Running Club, I managed to improve significantly as a runner, and decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional. I’m a ...

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African XCO Champion Bianca Haw

Bianca Haw was always going to be a mountain biker. As daughter to the effervescent ‘Farmer Glen’ Haw, the man behind world-famous races such as Sani2c, Imana Wild Ride and joBerg2c, she was around the sport from a young age. Although professional cycling was on her radar from early on, the KwaZulu-Natal youngster followed her own path playing a variety ...

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Olympic Sprinter – Alyssa Conley 

Alyssa Conley

Alyssa Conley (aka ACSpeedstar) lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has completed her undergraduate degree in Sports Psychology and her Honors degree in Sports Management at the University of Johannesburg. Alyssa first showed her talent and hard work as a youngster representing South Africa at the Pacific School Championships in Australia, where she placed second in the 200m and took gold ...

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MTB Downhill World Champ – Rachel Atherton

Over the years, Rachel Atherton has become a major player in downhill racing. After winning a host of categories in 2005, she was named Times Young Sportswoman of the Year and hasn’t looked back since. She totally dominated the women’s downhill circuit in 2008, winning the World Cup overall and taking World Championship gold. On her way to the World ...

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Africa’s Fittest Woman, Celestie MacIntosh

Africa’s Fittest Woman, Celeste MacIntosh has made it to CrossFit Regionals five times – more than any local CrossFit athlete. She now balances her training as an elite athlete with a career as a part-time digital marketing consultant. “And I’m very excited with a new love to get my mind out of the gym and have a different focus. CrossFit ...

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Supplements That Boost Immunity

There's nothing more frustrating than having to take time away from gym to recover from colds and flu during winter. This is how you can boost your immune system to ensure you keep working toward those goals.

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5 Ways to Stop Winter Snacking

Whenever a craving hits it’s said you should grab a cold glass of water. Yeah – that’s not going to cut it on cold winter days. Try these tips to help you cut down on the winter snacks… #1 – Fill up on fibre Extensive research has shown that people with fibre-rich diets tend to carry less fat and have ...

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Pharma Sector Welcomes Launch Of New Medicines Regulator Today

Government has signed the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act (2008) marking the official existence of the much-anticipated South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) as of today. The body is now in preparation to officially take over operations from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). According to Erik Roos, CEO of Pharma Dynamics – a leading generics medicines company – ...

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