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3 Reasons to Try EMS Training

Electro-muscle stimulation, or EMS training is challenging the belief that to achieve success you need to put in long hours, by demonstrating that great things can also be achieved by simply working smarter.

Just because all physical exercise involves muscular contraction doesn’t mean that such action must be voluntary and the result of excessive physical effort. These contractions occur naturally when the brain signals muscles to move via a series of chemical reactions transmitted along motor nerves.

The effect is to generate an electrical charge that causes muscle fibres to voluntarily contract. EMS training produces the same effect, but does so involuntarily.

How does it work?

The required electrical charge is delivered from an external source via electrodes on the skin. Charging is repeated at short and variable intervals, creating a pulsed effect that results in the rapidly repeated contraction and relaxation of targeted muscles. As a result, the subject experiences the equivalent of multiple reps using conventional apparatus, but in far less time. In practical terms, this means that results will also become evident in far less time.

Why you should give it a go…

Reason 1:

All of the evidence accumulated to date indicates a fivefold advantage. This, in turn, means that a 20-minute session of EMS training is able to provide the same benefits that would otherwise have required almost two gruelling hours of conventional exercising.

Reason 2:

EMS is suitable for any goals, be it for weight loss, toning, bulking, strength gain, injury prevention, enhanced sporting performance, and even cellulite reduction.

Reason 3:

EMS helps to boost your metabolism, which helps burn more fat at rest. This happens as more fibres are recruited during an EMS session, which causes a greater metabolic effect. EMS also boosts the metabolism of intramuscular fat to fuel the intense contractions it creates. This happens because the white (type IIX) fast twitch muscle fibres that are activated to the greatest degree with EMS, have much greater energy demands. As such, body fat levels tend to drop faster, especially when adding EMS to a normal fat-loss diet aimed at improving aesthetics.


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