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2017 USN Face of Fitness 2017 Winner Announced!

The search is over! The dreams and aspirations of South Africa’s next Face of Fitness were realised when Talitha Jacobs was crowned the winner of the 2017 USN Face of Fitness competition, sponsored by USN.

Having whittled the entrants down from the over 288 top-quality entries, the top six ladies advanced through the top 32 online voting phase and the top 12 interview round, to eventually arrive in Johannesburg on 9 November, for the unforgettable experience of the final photo shoot.

The winner was selected based on the strength of her performance at the shoot, the quality of her photos, her physique, personality and attitude. Meeting each of these criteria, Talitha now begins her contract as a USN brand ambassador and has earned the right to call herself a fitness magazine cover model!

 Congratulations to Talitha and to the Top 6 finalists for making this year’s competition one of the best so far!


View behind the scenes of the 2017 USN face of Fitness below:


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