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The mental re-feed: As we head into the holiday season the rationale to put exercise last is tempting.

The Mental Re-feed

As we head into the holiday season the rationale to put exercise last is tempting.

What if I told you that the trick to having the perfect “off-season” is to focus on your fitness? Feeling good about your fitness levels and your body image over the holiday is a powerful motivator to stay on track.

The secret is making it a priority even when you have a dozen other things to do. Scheduling times to train with a friend or signing up for group training are two easy and fun ways to make sure you get the workouts in. Setting certain strength and fitness goals by way of changing up your routine will also help keep things fresh.

While it’s certainly a time to rest and recharge, you don’t have to lose the gains you’ve made throughout the year. Exploring different fitness modalities and taking time to make fitness fun again will yield great results, both physically and mentally.

The mental re-feed: Clear your mind of can't

Starting the day off right sets the tone for everything that follows. Yup, like a “runner’s high”, researchers have found that heavy resistance training with an anaerobic component releases large amounts of endorphins – those feel-good hormones. And feeling good about your workout will make you come back for more.

And even if it is the season to be merry, it’s really the perfect time to focus on fitness goals you might have put second to work or a busy year-end lifestyle. Like a re-feed for your body, this time around it can be a re-feed for your mind. If you’ve been struggling to find balance, to make time for fitness and yourself, you now have the opportunity to do both. Sit back and take a breather from that everyday rush while you focus on getting the workout time in – on your time!


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